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A teacher in Himalayan Tradition has the following qualities (as described by Swami Veda Bharati.)


  1. Has no personal problems. If s/he has any, s/he does not show them to those s/he is guiding.

  2. Does not get hurt.

  3. Does not get defensive if he receives criticisms. S/he shows genuine gratitude for the criticism, and how it will help him.

  4. Expresses disagreement pleasantly, with a smile.

  5. Before expressing disagreement, starts with the emphasis on the points of agreement.

  6. Shows interest only in matters of other’s interest, not matters of his/her own interest.

  7. Leads a life, and carries personal relationships in a manner that is an example to others.

  8. Makes everyone feel genuinely loved: that whatever s/he is doing for others is because of his/her love and concern for them.

  9. Has been placed in the position of teacher/initiator because s/he has been deemed powerful enough to solve his/her own problems without disturbing others’ minds.

  10. Views EVERYONE of his/her students as mother/sister/daughter, father/brother/son.

  11. Is (as a teacher) genderless, a sanyasin, having no emotional needs. Those needs s/he fulfils at home, setting an example for his/her students to follow.

  12. Walks on a tight rope, keeping balance, without falling. If s/he falls, gets up immediately, without losing smile.

  13. Constantly grows in capacity, able to do more for others.

  14. Everyone, then, feels eager to help him/her, but s/he expects no help, does not take help beyond minimum need, gives back ten fold of what s/he receives.

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