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Meet Our Teachers

Teacher and Center Board President

Anil Saigal, E-RYT 500

Teaches meditation, yoga philosophy and yoga related topics/practices.

Anil started meditating in college, and later met Swami Rama of The Himalayas.  He studied with, and was initiated by Swami Rama.  He studied with Swami Veda Bharati for eighteen years. He completed Swami Veda Bharati’s 600 Hr level TTP in 2005

He has been a guest speaker at local organizations and schools for teaching meditation and yoga philosophy.  Anil also provides individual and family consultation sessions for personal development and meditation practice.


Profession: Independent Engineering Management consultant.

Personal Statement: Learning meditation and making it a part of my life has been the greatest change I have made in my life. The practice of meditation has made pervasive changes in my life in the areas of personal relationships, professional performance, mental well being, physical health, and a state of continual cheerfulness. I strive to teach and inspire every student to learn and incorporate meditation in his/her life, and to reap its wonderful rewards.


Sarada Putsa, RYT 200
Sarada (1).jpg

My journey with yoga started 20 years back when I was an undergraduate student. 

I became a certified teacher in through the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center. I love teaching yoga in the Himalayan and restorative approach in a calming and supportive atmosphere. 

Sarada is teaching a Himalayan/Restorative class on Fridays at 5:30-6:45 PM. 

Teacher and Center Board Member

Charlotte Mogensen

Where were you trained: Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center located in Palatine, IL.

Graduated: March 2010.

Teaching yoga: Part time at Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Center


Other certifications: Gymnastics teacher, rhythmic and pre-school.


How yoga changed your life :  I started practicing yoga about 15 years ago in Denmark.  This personal experience encouraged me to share the benefits with others.  I now teach yoga at HYMC since graduating from their Teachers’ Training Program. I also teach children’s yoga at a local school, children’s gymnastics, Pilates both mat and reformer (machine), and private group yoga classes. When not teaching, I practice yoga, meditation, running, swimming, along with the occasional marathon and triathlons.

 Class Schedule: Level 1&2 Mondays 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm


Jenny Hennek M.A. RYT 200

My Yoga practice has been included in my dance classes for over 15 years. Yet it was not until after an illness that I discovered my desire to teach Yoga and share it's many healing benefits. As I was brought back to health through Hatha Yoga I hoped others could experience the same. I completed the teacher training program at the Himalayan Center and I am humbled and.grateful to teach Yoga at the Center.

I believe in a compassionate approach to my practice and in teaching. I enjoy the students I meet, I know in many ways that it is really they who are teaching me.

Teacher and Office Administrator

Joanna Morse, CLC, RYT 200

I have been practicing yoga for over twenty years. I tried it for fun at first in high school and college, however, my practice was very inconsistent and strictly physical. It was not until my early twenties when I discovered a whole new meaning to a yoga practice. I learned that yoga is so much more than asanas and relaxation. It is a deeply spiritual and meditative journey leading to a much more fulfilling, selfless, Earth conscious, and intuitive life. It has taught me how to be present and appreciative of every moment in life as well as patience to overcome life's obstacles.

My journey with yoga has led me to completing my 200 level teacher training program at the HYMC in 2010. I have been teaching part time ever since.

Tai Chi Teacher

Lon Johnson

Lon is a student and practitioner of Temple Style Tai Chi and Qi Gong for over 25 years. He trained at the Tai Chi Tao Center in Oak Park with Master Waysun Liao and other master and senior teachers in the Midwest.

The benefits from years of regular practice has inspired him to share with those interested in developing chi (prana) flow. The class sessions focus on learning gentle meditative movements that aid in attaining a calm mind, a relaxed, active body and an overall well-being.

To pay the bills, Lon is Development Director for NPN360. He is a graduate of the College of Wooster.


Nancy Sieh

I believe everyone’s body is a gift with strengths to be uncovered and challenges to be explored—yoga is the perfect method for discovering them. Practicing yoga has helped me crack open my “outer shell” (my old way of seeing, feeling and doing), stretch beyond my body, and find the beautiful treasure inside. I’d like you, my students, to also have a similar “aha” experience with yoga.


In 2013, I completed teacher training in the Himalayan Tradition at Lotus Yoga Centre. I am a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 200), and a yoga4cancer certified oncology yoga teacher. Additionally, I served as a Teacher Trainer with Anita Maher at Lotus Yoga Centre in 2019 & 2020. I really love teaching yoga, sharing what I’ve learned, and helping others experience the many benefits of yoga including better balance, focus, flexibility, strength and peace.

Board Member

Olga Miech-Wisziewski

Olga has been practicing meditation since 2007, & has been leading Community Meditation at HYMC since 2012. She holds Master’s Degrees in Psychology & business. Olga pursues Jungian psychology & ancient wisdom from the Himalayas as maps for personal growth. She believes that in our contemporary fast-paced life finding methods that promote relaxation & stress relief are essential to the wellbeing of individuals, families, & communities.

In 2011 Olga was introduced to crystal singing bowls & found the experience deeply relaxing & fascinating. In Spring 2018 Olga completed training & became a certified Vibrational Sound Therapist.

Teacher, Training Director and Board Member

Patricia (Pat) Constabileo

Trained – Himalayan Institute Glenview, IL and Honesdale, PA.

Currently with 500 Hour Teacher Training Program

Completed – Integrative Yoga Therapy Home Study Program

Studied Ashtanga Yoga at Chicago Yoga with Suddha Wexler

The first Yoga class I taught was at Deerfield High School, Continuing Education when my Yoga teacher asked me to take her class because of health issues. That was over thirteen years ago; classes have grown to include Gentle, Beginning and Continuing levels. I taught for several years at the Himalayan Institute in Glenview. Currently I teach at a number of locations in the Chicago suburbs and also in my home.


I became fascinated with Yoga back in the 60’s when Lillias Folan taught Yoga on Channel 11. I enjoyed her soft and gentle approach to yoga along with the challenge of the asanas.

Over time I knew yoga had found a place in my life and in my heart. One important way in which Yoga has changed my life is being able to share the many benefits of Yoga with my students. Many of my students have become personal friends and I’m grateful they are in my life.

Yoga has enriched my life by creating a balance and focus and by providing me with a vocation I truly love .

Teacher, Meditation and Board Member

Pavel Latash

Pavel is a certified Yoga teacher and a Metallurgical Engineer.  He received his first Yoga instruction in Russia, in 1967.  In 1986 Pavel became affiliated with the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy in Glenview, IL.  There he underwent teachers' training and taught from 1993 through 1998.  In 1998 Pavel joined Meditation International, Inc. as one of the founding members.  In 2005 Meditation International and Lotus Yoga Teachers Association merged and formed Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center of Illinois, where Pavel is a Board Member and teaches Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes.

To ask about times for Saturday meditation classes, please click / contact Pavel here.

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