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300 Hour Teacher Training Program | Advanced Education

Based on the ancient teachings of Himalayan Tradition
This comprehensive program covers all aspects of philosophy and practice of the yoga discipline.

***Next Module Session Begins 1/21/23 -- 1/22/23***

See Early Start Options

The program includes 12 Modules:


  I: Advanced Postures, Teaching Skills

  II: Alignments, Adjustments, Assists

  III: Theming and Sequencing, Conscious Cueing 

HATHA - SPECIAL POPULATIONS: Prenatal, Children, Chair, Cancer, Senior, All Bodies, Tauma

PRANAYAMA: Theory & Techniques philosophy and practices, mudras & bandhas, shat-kriyas, yoga-nidra

Six types of Pranayamas, Sushumna breathing, Mudras, Bandhas, Shat-kriyas, Yoga Nidra

YOGA PHILOSOPHY - I: Including Samkhya PhilosophyNeurology of Meditation, Mantra - theory/practice, Five Pillars, Brain waves, Biofeedback, Vegetarianism, Qualities of a teacher

YOGA PHILOSOPHY - II: Six Systems of Indian Philosophy, Kashmiri Shaivism, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita

YOGA SUTRAS OF PATANJALI: A study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Vyasa's commentary, Part I sutras I.1-51, Part II sutras II.1-55, Part III sutras III.1-12

SANSKRIT: Himalayan Tradition Language and sounds. Pronunciation (alphabet, Asanas, and Mantras/Prayers) and Proper recitation. 

SUBTLE AND CAUSAL BODY: Pranic body (Chakras, Subtle, and Causal Body) Pranas (5 Pri, 5 Sec), Nadis, Sushumna application, 61/31 points, Sheethali-karana

ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY: Human body systems, tissues, and functions, Cellular structure, Endocrine system, Breathing/Lungs, Musculo-Skeletal system, Muscles in posture groups

AYURVEDA - PRINCIPLES: (the ancient science of long life) Primary Doshas, Body types, Kapha, Pitta, Vata, Imbalance of Doshas, Primary imbalance management, Sheethali-karana

Certification qualifies for a
Yoga Alliance’s RYT 300 registration

Program Details:


12 Monthly Modules (168 hours)

HYMTA Annual Retreat (16 hours)

Elective Workshops & Required Resource Material (20 hours)

Completion of Meditation level II classes at HYMC (9 hr)


Teaching Meditation Training (30 hours)    


Quarterly HYMTA meetings 10 hours (4 x 2.5 hr each)                                           

Monthly Sunday scripture study group 15 hours (10 x 1.5 hr each)​

Monthly Global Full Moon Meditation 8 hours (8 x 1 hr each)

Teaching/Assisting yoga at HYMC/Sister Centers/Off Location (10 hours)

Teaching Workshops (4 hours) 

Teaching a 4 week session (4 hours) 

Complete a 30 day meditation journal workbook, submitted for review (3 hours)

Complete a 30 day food journal workbook, submitted for review (3 hours)

Total Training Hours: 300 hours

Prerequisites:  graduated from the HYMC TTP200 program.  If a student is certified from another YA registered TTP200 program, s/he must also enroll in Meditation-I class at HYMC in order to graduate.a student should have completed TTP200 (200 hour) certification program from HYMC. 

~Students who have completed a 200 hour program certification from another YA registered yoga school are required to complete Meditation I program before graduating in addition to the requirements below.

  • Pass written exam with a grade of 80%  and higher.

  • A faculty board evaluation will be held to assess a student’s readiness to graduate.


Performing selfless service at the center. (4 hours), Classes taught (workshops, series, classes) Are also selfless services. 

Weekly Class log 50 class hours

300 ttp web.JPG

Program investment:  


(12 monthly modules, 1 HYMTA Retreat, 20 Approved Elective Workshops, Meditation level II classes, Teaching Meditation, HYMTA 1 year membership)

***Costs of Books & Materials are not included, extra.  

Payment Plan: $875 registration fee at start of program. 12 payments of $260 due at each module. Program fee must be collected before attendance.  

Full Tuition Payment: $3,750 payable at start of the program. 

Program Length: The program is designed to be completed in 12 to 36 months. 

A grace period of one year is permitted for extenuating circumstances along with an administrative fee of $50.

HYMC reserves the right to re-schedule a weekend class module due to insufficient student registration.

Registration:  Please click here to download the application form.

registered with Yoga Alliance and meets its certification requirements.
An initiation into the Himalayan Tradition with receiving of a personal mantra is highly recommended.
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