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THEME: Sri Vidya - The Himalayan Interior Practices

The Sri Vidya science embodies the core teaching and practices of The Himalayan Tradition.  
Swami Veda Bharati described Sri Vidya as the God’s science of the Universe.  It honors the Mother Divine as the Shakti which is the source of all creation and encompasses all Tantras.  

Pandit Dabral will teach us the philosophy and practices within the Shakti texts, including Tripura Sundari, the primary deity of Sri Vidya

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Our Guest Speaker: Dr. Pandit Hari Shankar Dabral

When you listen to Pandit Dabral’s instructions and stories, you will immediately feel drawn to him.

His knowledge of Sanskrit scriptures is vast and thorough and he delivers his content with great clarity in a language that is accessible to all.

His warm smile and sense of humor bring lightness to his teachings that are unique and heart-warming.

His meditation sessions are deep, centering and relaxing, leaving your body and mind joyful and refreshed. If you have an opportunity to attend his workshop or one of his retreats, please don’t hesitate, you will appreciate his knowledge and all he has to offer.

Dr.Pandit Dabral has been a spiritual guide and director of the HYMC (previously Himalayan Institute of Chicago) since 1994.

He was born near the town of Dehradun in India, in a family of Sanskrit scholars. He was a disciple of Sri Swami Rama of the Himalayas and Sri Swami Veda Bharati, the great and well-known Himalayan Yoga Masters and philosophers.


Pandit was sent to the United States by Swami Rama in 1992 in order to share his knowledge and experience of the Himalayan Tradition with the students in USA and Canada and has been traveling extensively to many parts of the World to teach Yoga philosophy and practices ever since.



    4:00 pm   Arrival and Registration
    6:00 pm   SUPPER
    7:15 pm   Orientation

    7:30 pm   Pandit Dabral (Lecture & Practice)         

    9:45 pm   Guided Prayers


    6:15 am   Guided Prayers with Pandit Dabral
    6:30 am   Meditation with Pandit Dabral

    7:00 am   Himalayan Hatha Yoga (Pandit Dabral)

    8:00 am   BREAKFAST

  10:00 am   Pandit Dabral (Lecture & Practice)

  12:00 pm   LUNCH

    1:30 pm   Pandit Dabral (Lecture & Practice)

    3:30 pm   Himalayan Hatha Yoga

    4:30 pm   Gongtopia

    6:00 pm   SUPPER

    8:00 pm   Pandit Dabral (Lecture & Practice)

  10:00 pm   Guided Prayers



    6:15 am   Guided Prayers with Pandit Dabral

    6:30 am   Meditation with Pandit Dabral

    7:00 am   Himalayan Hatha Yoga (Healing Sound Journey)

    8:00 am   BREAKFAST
    9:30 am   Check Out

  10:00 am   Pandit Dabral (Lecture & Practice)
  12:00 pm  LUNCH

  2:00 pm  Departure

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Location & Accommodations

Roughly 50 miles northwest of Chicago, Loyola’s Retreat and Ecology campus sits in the serene countryside of Woodstock, Illinois. Our space is encompassed by 98 acres of greenery and serves as a peaceful place for spiritual and intellectual growth and connection with peers, colleagues, and friends.


LUREC’s fundamental guiding principle is conservation on our campus through reducing, reusing, and recycling. Loyola is committed to restoring and maintaining the biodiversity of our campus, and during your stay with us, we invite you to take part in our mission of sus- tainability, conservation, and restoration. As part of our green promise, we installed a geo- thermal system in our north wing so that guests can enjoy the ground’s gift of warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.


Loyola U Retreat & Ecology Campus
2710 S. Country Club Rd.
Woodstock, Il 60098


Overnight and Day Scholar Options


(per person – includes meals/unless noted)

HYMTA Members &

Registration for Non-Members Early Bird until August 14th, 2022

Single Room


Double Room


Registration for Non-Members

after August 14th, 2022

Single Room


Double Room


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Day Scholars Bundle Options


_(per person – includes meals)

Full Weekend:

Friday Evening Lecture, All Day Saturday & Sunday Morning


All Day Saturday & Sunday Morning


Day Scholars a-la-carte


_(per person)

Friday Evening Lecture 7:30pm (meals NOT included) 


Saturday Full Day (meals included)


Saturday Gongtopia (4:30-6:00pm only | meals NOT included)


Sunday 1/2 Day (breakfast included)


Sunday Lecture 10:30am (meals NOT included)