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Marma Training Workshop

with Vaidya Swati Mhaske of Hemaveda Ayurveda


Coming This Fall
Saturday & Sunday
11:00am - 5:00pm

Marma chikitsa is a 5,000 years old system of Ayurveda. This therapy is an ancient Indian practice that focuses on the manipulation of subtle energy (prana) present in the body, for the purpose of supporting the healing process.

Marmani are extremely important energy points which help in the subtle balance of healthy mind body and soul.

Learning of the Marma chikitsa(treatment) will create an experience to a powerful transformation at the mental, emotional as well as physical level to the higher mind and the subconscious.

Hand Massage
Head Massage

The understanding and dependability on the 107 marma points helps to work on the flow of Prana through the subtle bodies and mind. 

Stimulation of Marma points help not only in the balance of one’s body and mind but also it helps the function of the endocrine system, nervous system to gently detox and rejuvenate.

Module 1 – DAY 1 - 6 hrs – 11.00 am -5.00 pm 

  • Ayurveda basics and understanding of Purusha Prakriti and the Doshas– 1.5 hr - Theory

  • History and introduction to Marma, Ayurveda and Marma relationship – 1.5 hrs – Theory

  • ½ an hour break for lunch and Tea

  • Classification of Marma Upper extremities – ½ an hour – Theory

  • Marma of the Head, Neck and Chest– 2.5 hrs practical understanding and stimulation 


Module 2 – DAY 2 - 6 hrs -11.00 am -5.00 pm

  • Ayurvedic Therapy and role of Marmani (Cleansing, Rasayana, Tanmatra) - 1.5 hr Theory

  • Yoga therapy and Marmani understanding - 1.5 hr Theory

  • ½ an hour Lunch and Tea break

  • Classification of Marma for - Limbs (Hands and Legs), Back marmani – ½ an hour 

  • Marma of Limbs and Back – 2.5 hrs Practical understanding and stimulation

Our principal instructor, Ayurveda doctor Vaidya Swati Mhaske has years of experience in Marma chikitsa training under the guidance of her teachers in India and has successfully completed the Marma therapy training from North India.
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