Welcome to the Gong Workshop!

It is geared towards gong players of all levels. This will be a fun event with a lot of topics covered. There will be a multi-page handout, but you may also want to bring a notebook to jot things down.

Topics we will cover:


Gongs, a quick history.

Choosing & Buying Gongs

Mallets & Flumi/Superball Mallets

Mallet & Flumi Techniques

The 5 Main Gong Playing Zones

Singing Bowls, Bells and Other Instruments

Using Multiple Gongs/Instruments

Putting together a session

Rhythm Exercises

The Use of Space in Your Sessions

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There will be time for hands on playing, both individually and in groups.

If you have a Gong/Stand/Mallets, please bring them (1 gong only) so you can explore your own instrument. There will also be some other gongs available to play.


If you don’t have one, and are looking to buy a gong, on the registration form you can mark if you are interested in purchasing a Gong, Stand and Mallet package ahead of time. 


Michael Bettine - Bio


Since 2002, he has worked under the name, GONGTOPIA, presenting Gong Meditation Sessions & Sound Workshops, using gongs, singing bowls & bells. These instruments create vibratory fields that can affect positive  changes in the body’s energy systems. He also presents concerts of original compositions & improvisations played on metal instruments, sounding bass drum, and hand drums. 


He has written various books on percussion, including his new book, The Way of the Gong - Explorations and Observations in Sound. He has also released over 40 recordings under his name. His long running blogs, The Way of the Gong, Art As A Spiritual Practice, and, Percussion Deconstruction™, have been embraced by both the meditation/sound therapy, and percussion communities.


Michael is also devoted to music education. Besides teaching privately, he has twice presented workshops on gongs at the prestigious Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) ; and was the Artist in Residence at the 2016 MONA FOMA Festival in Hobart, Australia. Additionally, he was one of the masterclass presenters at the 1st International Gong Summit in 2019, as well as for the online Gong Summits in 2020 & 21. 

Tuition Investment $199